Students Representative Council

The Student Representative Council is a leadership group within the school of Pigeon Lake Regional that endeavors to support, encourage, uplift and inspire the student body population.  The goals of this council are as follows:

  1. Provide fun and educational opportunities
    1. Fun Activities – Dances, Holiday Events, School Spirit, Leadership Conferences, etc.
    2. Educational Activities – joining with the leadership class to create fun, unique learning activities; creating wellness opportunities for the student body to be a part of; etc.
  2. Bring the school together as an active community
    1. Giving back to the school
      1. Fundraising
      2. Maintenance/Beautification
    2. Giving to others through our school
      1. Identifying causes in need in our community
        1. EXAMPLE – Food Drive
      2. Identifying causes in need across the world
        1. EXAMPLE – Operation Christmas Child
      3. Inspire student leadership
        1. Role modeling leadership
        2. Personal responsibility to attend all meetings and participate in events
        3. Learn about the importance of council organization, policy and accountability