Reviews Are In!!

Last night's performance of The Wizard of Oz, was stunning.

The cast brought the characters to life, as Dorothy and Toto embarked on a journey to a new land, met interesting friends along the way and defeated the wicked witch.  The audience was moved from singing along, to laughter, to a resounding "AWWW" when the Tinman's heart was breaking.

Congratulations to the entire cast on a terrific performance!

A great BIG thank you to Mrs. Hetlinger and Mr. Heggerud for all of their time and expertise that went into this production.

Thank you to all who volunteered their time and to those who donated to the silent auction, you helped make this night a success.

I for one will be waiting to see what will come next year!

January Exam Schedule

  P.L.R.S Semester 1 Exam Schedule      
Date  Test Type Time Room
Tuesday January 13 English 30-1 (Part A) Diploma 9am 22
  English 30-2 (Part A) Diploma 9am 15
Tuesday January 20 Last Day of Classes for Senior High    
  English 30-1 (Part B) Diploma 9am 5
  English 30-2 (Part B) Diploma 9am 6
Wednesday January 21 English 20-1 (Part A) School 9am 22
  English 20-2 (Part A) School 9am 15
  Science 10 School 9am 12
  Math 10C School 9am 19
  Math 10-3 School 9am 13
Thursday January 22 Math 30-3 School 9am 12
  English 20-1 (Part B) School 9am 17
  English 20-2 (Part B) School 9am 11
Friday January 23 Grade 9 Social PAT Provincial 9am 18
  Social 10-1 (Part A) School 9am 22
  Social 10-2 (Part A) School 9am 15
Monday January 26 Math 30-1 Diploma 9am 6
  Math 30-2 Diploma 9am 5
  Grade 9 Science PAT Provincial 9am 20
  Social 10-1 (Part B) School 9am 16
  Social 10-2 (Part B) School 9am 13
  Physics 20 School 9am 5
Tuesday January 27 Math 20-1 School 9am 5
  Math 20-2 School 9am 19
  Math 20-3 School 9am 12
Wednesday January 28 Chemistry 30 Diploma 9am 6

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