Our School

Grades Taught

Grades 7-12


Pigeon Lake Regional School currently serves 250 students in Grades 7 - 12. Most of the school's students are drawn from a vast attendance area that includes the hamlet of Falun, the lake community around Pigeon Lake, and the four bands of Maskwacis. The school receives grade 7 students from the Falun, Lakedell, Mimiw Sakahikan and Pipestone Schools.


In spite of its small size, the school offers a full range of academic courses to enable students to complete Alberta Education Diploma, Knowledge and Employability Certificate programs and High School Completion Certificate programs. In addition, we offer a wide range of option programs including art, drama, foods, fashions, construction, computers, photography, design studies, cosmetology, spring and fall sports.

Our school also offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities including basketball teams, volleyball teams, cross country running, track and field, golf, badminton, drama productions, student leadership opportunities, and a school reach team. As such we also offer programming that is focused on making sure that all students are successful and graduate high school.  



Dr. Melissa Humby


Principal:  Dr. Melissa Humby
Vice Principal:  Mr. Adam Stewart


At PLRS, we are committed to all students graduating:

  • With an understanding of the importance of personal and interpersonal wellness
  • With academic skills and personal attributes
  • Prepared for post-secondary success
  • As responsible citizens
  • As lifelong learners
  • With confidence
  • Inspired 


At PLRS, our policies, programs, and practices promote our mission statement. We envision a school where:

  • Diversity is respected and celebrated in a safe, caring, and inclusive environment
  • Students develop the characteristics of an active and responsible citizen
  • Students receive timely and effective interventions from staff 
  • Students are at school every day with the desire to learn
  • All students and staff have a passion for learning
  • All staff are dedicated to our Mission Statement


In order to achieve the shared vision of our school, we commit to a model where…

  • We define “academic” as an acquisition of all skills, attributes, knowledge, attitudes, cross curricular competencies, and curriculum that encompasses every course that our students take
  • Staff uses effective, data driven instructional methods supported by common assessments within the classroom to improve student learning
  • Staff strives to establish candid, collaborative, and ongoing lines of communication with colleagues and other professionals
  • Staff analyzes and evaluates school policies and procedures ensuring our actions are in line with our Mission Statement
  • Staff learns from each other and supports each other in order to improve the learning environment for all 
  • Staff models the attitude and behaviour of a lifelong learner and an active citizen
  • Staff takes the time to celebrate strengths and successes 
  • Staff wellness is a priority with in our school

Education Plan

Pigeon Lake’s school goals will continue to be in aligned with the WRPS Board priorities:

  • Assess and address student learning gaps.
  • Emphasize early childhood learning.
  • Champion student and staff well-being.
  • Encourage and celebrate active citizenship in our school communities.
  • Align resources to advance board priorities.

Supply Lists

Grades 7 – 9

4 - 2 Inch Binders
400 - Pages of lined loose-leaf paper
50 – sheets of grid paper
1 – 100 page coil notebook
2 - Sets of dividers, 20 – Pencils, 1 - Set Pencil Crayons
2 - Erasers (white preferred), 1 - Scissors
4 - Dry-erase fine tip markers (for whiteboards)
2 - Correction tape (white out), 1 - Glue sticks, 1 - pkg. pens (blue, red & black)
1 - Mechanical Pencil (preferred for graphing)
1 - pkg. highlighters (assorted colors)
1 - pkg. post-it notes (assorted colors)
1 - pkg. post-it flags (assorted colors)
1 - pkg. Paper reinforcements
1 – Ruler, 1 - Geometry Set
1 – pkg. plain paper
1 - Scientific Calculator (Preferred for Jr High: Sharp EL-520X, Sharp EL-531XG or Similar)
1 - set of head phones

All Students will need a set of Gym clothes (sweats/shorts, shirt, running shoes)

Grades 10 – 12

Each grade 10 to 12 student will need the above items, in addition to a Texas Instrument Graphing Calculator

One of the following Models will be acceptable:

T1-nspire CX Handheld, T1-83 Plus, T1-84 Plus, T1-84 Plus Silver, T1-84 Plus Pocket SE or T1-84 Plus C Silver

Academic math (10C, 20-1, 30-1) – 50 sheets of graph paper

Sr. High Art – 5 pencil drawing set (2b, 4b, 6b, 8b and hb), 2 ultra-fine tip black sharpies, 1 fine tip black sharpie, small pencil case, and 1 black coiled sketchbook (Dollarstore)