Our School

Grades Taught

Grades 7-12


Pigeon Lake Regional School currently serves 270 students in Grades 7 - 12. Most of the school's students are drawn from a vast attendance area that includes the hamlet of Falun, the lake community around Pigeon Lake, the Ma-Me-O Beach First Nations' reservation and Maskwacis reservation. The school receives Grade 7 students from the Falun, Lakedell, Mimiw Sakahikan and Pipestone Schools.





Dr. Melissa Humby


Principal:  Dr. Melissa Humby
Vice Principal:  Mr. Adam Stewart
Vice Principal: Mr. Aaron Weimer


"Excellence in Education"


At PLRS, we are committed to all students graduating:

  • With academic skills and personal attributes
  • Prepared for post-secondary success
  • As responsible citizens
  • As lifelong learners
  • With confidence
  • Inspired 


At PLRS, our policies, programs, and practices promote our mission statement. We envision a school where:

  • Diversity is respected and celebrated in a safe, caring, and inclusive environment
  • Students develop the characteristics of an active and responsible citizen
  • Students receive timely and effective interventions from staff 
  • Students are at school every day with the desire to learn
  • All students and staff have a passion for learning
  • All staff are dedicated to our Mission Statement


In order to achieve the shared vision of our school, we commit to a model where…

  • We define “academic” as an acquisition of all skills, attributes, knowledge, attitudes, cross curricular competencies, and curriculum that encompasses every course that our students take
  • Staff uses effective, data driven instructional methods supported by common assessments within the classroom to improve student learning
  • Staff strives to establish candid, collaborative, and ongoing lines of communication with colleagues and other professionals
  • Staff analyzes and evaluates school policies and procedures ensuring our actions are in line with our Mission Statement
  • Staff learns from each other and supports each other in order to improve the learning environment for all 
  • Staff models the attitude and behaviour of a lifelong learner and an active citizen
  • Staff takes the time to celebrate strengths and successes 

Education Plan

Pigeon Lake’s school goals will continue to be in aligned with the WRPS Board priorities:

  • To increase the rate of high school completion.

In addition, data from the Accountability Pillar Survey, OurSCHOOL data, Student Learning Profiles, Diploma Examinations and Achievement Test results, as well as data collected at the school through surveys and focus groups will be used to measure implementation.

  • Increase High School Completion with a focus on numeracy and literacy with both increasing by 5% on the provincial exams


  • Focus on effective intervention 
  • Increase number of CEUs earned per student
  • Increase student directed learning productivity
  • Decrease the achievement gap between our approaching acceptable standard and standard of excellence


  • Increase sense of community and culture within students, staff, and associated peoples by 5%


  • Creation and cultivation of a safe, caring, and valued school community
  • Invitation to and involvement of community members within our school culture
  • Promotion of students opportunities and/or resources to meet their individual needs
  • Development of inclusive practices encompassing all school cultures, with a focus on our local indigenous culture

Supply Lists

Grades 7 – 9

4 - 2 Inch Binders
400 - Pages of lined loose-leaf paper
50 – sheets of grid paper
1 – 100 page coil notebook
2 - Sets of dividers, 20 – Pencils, 1 - Set Pencil Crayons
2 - Erasers (white preferred), 1 - Scissors
4 - Dry-erase fine tip markers (for whiteboards)
2 - Correction tape (white out), 1 - Glue sticks, 1 - pkg. pens (blue, red & black)
1 - Mechanical Pencil (preferred for graphing)
1 - pkg. highlighters (assorted colors)
1 - pkg. post-it notes (assorted colors)
1 - pkg. post-it flags (assorted colors)
1 - pkg. Paper reinforcements
1 – Ruler, 1 - Geometry Set
1 – pkg. plain paper
1 - Scientific Calculator (Preferred for Jr High: Sharp EL-520X, Sharp EL-531XG or Similar)
1 - set of head phones

All Students will need a set of Gym clothes
(sweats/shorts, shirt, running shoes)

Grades 10 – 12

Each grade 10 to 12 student will need the above items, in addition to the following:
1 – Texas Instrument Graphing Calculator

One of the following Models: T1-nspire CX Handheld, T1-83 Plus, T1-84 Plus, T1-84 Plus
Silver, T1-84 Plus Pocket SE or T1-84 Plus C Silver
Academic math (10C, 20-1, 30-1) – 50 sheets of graph paper

Sr. High Art – 5 pencil drawing set (2b, 4b, 6b, 8b and hb), 2 ultra-fine tip black sharpies, 1 fine
tip black sharpie, small pencil case, and 1 black coiled sketchbook (Dollarstore)

Programs and Services

In spite of its small size, the school offers a full range of academic courses to enable students to complete Alberta Education Diploma, Knowledge and Employability Certificate programs and High School Completion Certificate programs. In addition, we offer a wide range of option programs including art, drama, foods, fashions, construction, fabrication, mechanics, information technology, photography, design studies, cosmetology, tundra sports and outdoor education.

Our school also offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities including six basketball teams, six volleyball teams, cross country running track and field, golf, badminton, drama productions, student leadership opportunities, and a school reach team. We are proud to be a part of Alberta Education’s High School Redesign Initiative.  As such we also offer programming that is focused on making sure that all students are successful and graduate high school.