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Pink Shirt Day - February 22

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What is Pink Shirt Day?

Bullying is a major problem in our schools, workplaces, homes, and online. Over the month of February, and throughout the year,Pink Shirt Day aims to raise awareness of these issues, as well as raise funds to support programs that foster children’s healthy self-esteem. 

Why a Pink Shirt?

David Shepherd, Travis Price and their teenage friends organized a high-school protest to wear pink in sympathy with a Grade 9 boy who was being bullied [for wearing a pink shirt]…[They] took a stand against bullying when they protested against the harassment of a new Grade 9 student by distributing pink T-shirts to all the boys in their school. They headed off to a discount store and bought 50 pink tank tops. They sent out messages to schoolmates that night, and the next morning they hauled the shirts to school in a plastic bag. As they stood in the foyer handing out the shirts, the bullied boy walked in. His face spoke volumes. It looked like a huge weight was lifted off his shoulders, The bullies were never heard from again.

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